Every wedding season we see new and exciting trends emerge. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorites from this Spring 충남대학교 다운로드.

Tropical Influences:
Charleston’s abundance of live oaks draped in Spanish moss can sometimes make us forget about the fun tropical influences that come with living on the coast nwc 프로그램 다운로드! We love that couples have been incorporating foliage like palm fronds and banana leaves into their decor.

CapturefleursPhoto: Ali Elizabeth Photography

Comfort Food:
Wedding menus are looking much more casual these days 코요태 파란 다운로드! So many of our couples opt for favorite comfort foods in lieu of the traditional options. A few of B. Gourmet’s popular choices include Mini Tacos (with the always adorable clothes pin), and Mini Cheeseburgers King Exit!

Photo: B acronis true image home. Gourmet Catering

Photo: Richard Bell Photography

Edible Favors:
Who’s junk drawer isn’t full of random knick knacks collected from parties over the years 별 의 커비 wii 게임 다운로드? We’re seeing many of our couples offering up a tastier favor for their guests. Anything from sweets, to bubbles, and more has us saying, yes please movie Comando!

Photo: Richard Bell Photography

Photo: B web hack file. Gourmet Catering

Flower Installations:
Florals always add a little extra pizazz to every venue shinhan bank certificate. Overhead installations create so much drama in all the best ways. Living bars are also a fun design aspect we love seeing, your bar is probably the most visited area of your reception so why not give it that extra attention Wakuwaku.

Photo – Philip Casey Photography

Photos – Philip Casey Photography

Away With The Cake:
More and more couples are shying away from the traditional tiered wedding cake in favor of a more playful dessert course. Donut towers, mini desserts, and ice cream pop ups are a just a few sweet options.

Photo: Jennifer Korman Photography

Photo: @OhSoGelato

Photo: Richard Bell Photography