Sure, picking out your venue can be exciting envisioning everything come together… Saying yes to your dress is fun even without your hair and makeup all done up… But sampling something how it will ACTUALLY be on the day of your wedding… That’s where your tasting comes in!

Tastings with your caterer can be many couple’s favorite time of wedding planning. At B. Gourmet Catering, you’re greeted with a glass of champagne and invited to relax and enjoy yourself msds piccharacters! After all, how often do you get to have a private chef prepared meal made just for you?

Tastings are the perfect time to sample items from your menu that you’ve previously discussed with your caterer to ensure that everything is exactly how you like it. Feel free to speak up if the seasoning is not your taste! We prepare everything fresh for you day of, so seasonings and presentation are extremely customizable to your taste and preference wget http 다운로드.

This meeting is also super important when discussing logistics of the day! As a full-service catering company, we handle so many more details outside of your food. We’re happy to handle your rentals and bar package for you at no additional charge, so having the opportunity to discuss design and bar package options is beneficial during your tasting 구글 드라이브 자료 다운로드!

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Frequently asked questions:

  • How many people can join me at my tasting? While we would love to meet as many of your family and friends as possible, we like to save this for the wedding day! Because food is so personal, too many opinions may cloud your perception of your tasting movie Agora. We recommend that the bride, groom, and 1-2 family members or close friends join you on the day of your tasting! If you have a planner, we recommend they join you as well
  • Will we taste what we eat at the wedding? Yes! Our chef creates your tasting based on items you’ve picked out with guidance from your sales manager
  • Does the tasting cost anything 스마트폰 서체 다운로드? B. Gourmet’s tasting policy states that we collect $30 per person (with the exception of your planner – she eats for free!) to account for the time and specialty ingredients that go into creating your meal. If you move forward with your contact, this tasting fee will be applied to your final balance
  • Should I eat beforehand since I’m only “tasting?” No, please come hungry 홍익인간 폰트 다운로드! You will be served several courses of food, and in generous portions as well
  • If I want to change something after I taste, do I set up a second tasting? The tasting is a time for you to see the skill level of our chef and also the variety of items that we have to offer. Instead of thinking of it as tasting specific items, think of it as a preview of our services as a whole tftpd64 다운로드!
  • Do I have to set up a tasting prior to contracting B. Gourmet Catering? Since we’ve been in business since 2012, we notice that most of our brides are having destination weddings here in Charleston! Because we can only take on a limited number of bookings and weddings sometimes years in advance, we recommend locking in your day as soon as possible gns3 ios! If you taste after you contract our services, your tasting is complimentary.

From the chef herself:

  • We prepare and present everything exactly how you’d see on the day of your wedding!
  • Our sales manager is present for your pre/post tasting discussions, during the tasting itself, and on the actual day of your wedding to ensure that every item is exactly to your preference
  • We take notes on all points of discussion during your tasting – rest assured that no detail will go unnoticed 웹하드 무료 다운로드!
  • 30 days before your wedding, we confirm your menu to ensure that we are all on the same page
  • We love buying local! We support local farms during the months where items we use to make your menu are in season! Keep in mind, if you taste in the off season and your wedding is in the summer, your produce will be even more delicious than it is during your tasting 검은 고딕 다운로드!

Thank you to Dana Cubbage for these wonderful food shots!

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